James Dean died in 1955 / crashed in his Porsche 550 Spyder (he called his Porsche Little Bastard). The Spyder became iconic because of Dean who died in it. If the Ferrari had not been dumped in the IJ, this would never have been a topic of discussion. This is therefore a meaning or value attributed to the spyder or the ferrari, simply because of its transmutation: it has taken on a different shape, but has also lost its function as a car. George Barris bought the wreck from the Spyder and wanted to sell the parts to fans, but it crushed the driver who had to unload the car because the hoist cable broke. You can see that a whole story has been distilled from this. That is exactly the same with the Ferrari: the ultimate possession of the car is not my aim, but it is about the endless flow of possibilities and thoughts concerning that car. It is the story I create, which only makes the object more mystical, more interesting, more fascinating. That’s what I’m interested in.  It’s a story the car creates.”

Hope for Happiness by London based artist Roza Horowitz, 2020