About me

His house is his studio. The studio is his house. Armed with charcoal and colorchalk he brings lines to life on paper.

In contradiction to some classical artists, he tries to accomplish a close connection with the model. His art is very direct and raw, yet sincere and real. The directness of his work results in an ethical flexibility, which varies from pure, raw flesh to more veiled expressions. This contrast shines an interesting light on his work.

The human body is the main theme of his work and sexuality has played a major role so far. It’s all about the moment. Instinct and intuition are the most important drivers in his artwork. Through these key articulators, the paper forms the frame of the moment, filled up by the drawing that comes into existence as a result of the interactivity between artist and model.

In order to capture the moment more thorough he also photographs, so the lens of the camera becomes an extra determinant of that very same moment. The camera provides an additional frame around this momentum in life, next to his drawings. The photos are a by-product, but if they are strong he certainly uses them in his work.

Feike Otto van der Zee is a talented contemporary expressionist who approaches his models direct and selective on the streets. This process reflects the spontaneity of the instinct and the intuition, the starting point of all his work. The streets of Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin and Barcelona define his main territory.

By Mark Goede